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Song:Aint Nobody (Paco Vera Dj Remix)
Album:Remixes - 80sGenres:Club
Year: Length:424 sec


Captured effortlesslyThat's the way it wasHappened so naturallyI did not know it was loveThe next thing I felt wasYou holding me closeWhat was I gonna do?I let myself goAnd now we're flyin' through the starsI hope this night will last foreverI've been waitin' for youIt's been so longI knew just what I would doWhen I heard your songFilled my heart with your blissGave me freedomYou knew I could not resistI needed someoneAnd now we're flyin' through the starsI hope this night will last foreverOh oh oh ohCHORUS:Ain't nobodyLoves me betterMakes me happyMakes me feel this wayAin't nobodyLoves me better than youI wait for night time to comeAnd bring you to meCan't believe I'm the oneI was so lonelyI feel like no one could feelI must be dreamin'I want this dream to be realI need this feelin'I make my wish upon a starAnd hope this night will last foreverCHORUSAnd first you put your arms around meThen you put your charms around meI can't resist this sweet surrenderOh my nights are warm and tenderWe stare into each other's eyesAnd what we see is no surpriseGot a feeling most with treasureAnd a love so deep we cannot measureCHORUS


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