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Song:Fermented And Flailing
Album:Cokie The ClownGenres:Punk
Year:2009 Length:124 sec


This is not a test, not true, this kind of is a test of our endurance
There's really no one left to place the blame on and hang in effigy
This was not ruined by a regime, it also took a hundred million
Of angry, stupid, scared, pathetic populace to complete the deed

And it's a long, long way down
And there's no climbing back so wave bye bye
And it’s a long, long free dive
So fill your lungs with air and grab a weight
It's been a long time coming and well deserved

It's time to redefine what we call neighborhoods and start to trust your neighbors
Circle the figurative wagons and figure it's gonna be
A long painful de-evolution that could last for decades
America as we know it, is finished, fermenting and flailing

And it's a long, long way down
The parachutes are gone so grab a smoke
And it's a long, long free fall
No signs of soft landing bon grave voyage
It's been a long time coming and well deserved


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