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Otis Redding - Ton of Joy Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Ton of Joy
Album:The Otis Redding Dictionary Of SoulGenres:Blues
Year:1987 Length:171 sec


My baby nothing but a ton of joyChildren, yes she is one ton of joyMy baby nothing but a ton of joyLove, love, love, love, love, lovelyLovely ton of joyThe way she love meMakes me know I'm a manWhat she do for meYou don't understand, childrenBaby, you're a ton of joyLovely, lovely, lovely ton of joyShe's got what all menAre trying to findDrives a strong manPractically out of his mind, childrenShe gives a blind man eyes to see, y'allShe knocks a preacher manStraight on his knees, y'allBaby, baby, you're a ton of joyGirl, I love, I love your ton of joyChildren, the way she loves meMakes me wanna learnYou sets me on fireBut I'm willing to burn, children, ouBaby, you're a ton of joyA lovely, lovely, lovely ton of joyYou love girl, I love you, babyNo matter what you do, girlI'm gonna keep loving youNo matter what you sayYou got one hundred tons of -One hundred ton of joy, babyYou don't weigh but a hundredBut I just love you...


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