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Song:U.S. Of A.
Album:God Bless The USA Disc 4Genres:Country
Year: Length:224 sec


I worked in the fields this morning
I traveled your highways today
Used a creek and a rainbow for a roadmap
And a tree for a chapel to pray

And I'm so proud to sing your praises
And to live in the land of the free
I'm just one of your children who loves you
You're home, sweet home to me

United States of America
Where I can be whatever I can be
Free to think as I choose
Right or wrong, win or lose
Where my only limitation is me

United States of America
I believe in the red, white and blue
And I thank you for
All you've done for me
And I'll do my best for you

United States of America
Hallelujah, we love you

And as a citizen of my country
I believe it is my duty to obey your laws
To try to be a worthy individual
A positive example and a
Productive and responsible citizen

To be informed and concerned
About our nation's affairs and to
Voice my beliefs constructively
To practice diligently
An attitude of brotherly love
And hold no hatred against anyone

And when one of
My brothers makes a mistake
Be he peasant or a President
I will try to treat him
As I would want to be treated
With compassion and understanding

And I will continue to be proud
To pay taxes for the opportunity to live
In the greatest nation in the world
A nation born out of faith in God
And sustained only if that faith
And the support of the American people
Remain strong

United States of America
Hallelujah, we love you
United States of America
Hallelujah, we love you


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