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Thin Lizzy - Fighting My Way Back Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Fighting My Way Back
Album:Dedication - The Very Best ofGenres:Classic Rock
Year:1991 Length:195 sec

Lyricist: Thin Lizzy


I'm tough, rough, ready and able To pick myself up from under this table Don't stick no sign on me, I got no label I'm a little sick, unsure, unsound and unstable But I'm fighting my way back I'm busting out and I'm going in I'm kicking up about the state I'm in Looking to my future, not my past I want to be a good boy but how long can it last Fighting my way back This kid is going to wreck and ruin I'm not quite sure of what I'm doing You see it happened all a little too soon But it's all there in this here tune Fighting my way back


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