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Song:Ding a Ling the Christmas Bell
Album: Genres: 
Year: Length:179 sec


Gather round and I will tell the story of a Christmas bell
That used to shine and chime and ring and why we called him Ding a Ling
One of the famous jingle bells is what he was but then he fell
And broke his pretty harmony and he began to ring a key
Now we called him Ding a Ling because he has a funny ring
And though he rings his note too well Ding a Ling the Christmas bell

The other bells met secretly and he heard one say in a real low key
He's sure to ruin our Christmas sound and we don't want him hangin' around
He overheard the secret boat and walked away with a lamp in his note
The saddest bell you've ever seen the Christmas bell called Ding a Ling
They all called him Ding a Ling...

The snow is falling in the square when the children found him there
And placed him on the Christmas tree for everyone in town to see
As Christmas Eve went to the town a blinding snow was coming down
And Ding a Ling heard someone say ol' Santa's sure to lose his way
The thought occured to Ding a Ling to ring as loud as he could ring
And when ol' Santa heard the sound it guided him into the town
Now the children shout and sing and everyone loves Ding a Ling
So everything has turned out well for Ding a Ling the Christmas bell


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