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Song:Ulysses (Official Video) HQ
Album:Tonight: Franz Ferdinand: Special EditionGenres:Indie
Year:2009 Length:194 sec

Lyricist: Franz Ferdinand


While I sit in here, a sentimental footsteps
Then a voice say “hi, so ?
So what you gotta what you gotta this time.
C'mon let's get high
C'mon lexxo, you got next-o?
Walk 25 miles-o?
Well I'm bored
I'm bored.
C'mon let's get high.

C'mon let's get high.
C'mon let's get high.

I've found a new way
I've found a new way.
C'mon don't amuse me;
I don't need your sympathy.

Lalalalala, Ulysses
I've find a new way
I've find a new way, baby.

Am I not Ulysses, Am I not Ulysses
No, but you are now, boy.

So sinister, so sinister,
Last night was wild.
What's a matter there, feeling kind of anxious?
Feeling that hot blood, grew cold.

Yeah everyone, everybody knows it.
Yeah everyone, everybody know it.
Everybody knows I...

Lalalalala Ulysses
I'll find a new way.
I'll find a new way, baby.

Lalalalala Ulysses
I've find a new way.
I've find a new way, baby.

Oh... Oh, then suddenly you know
You're never going home
You're never (six times)
You're never going home.

Not Ulysses, baby.
No, lalalala oohoo
You're not Ulysses, oohoo
Lalalala, oohoo...


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