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Emery - The Secret Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The Secret
Album:The Columbus EEP TheeGenres:Post-hardcore
Year:2004 Length:514 sec

Lyricist: Emery


on the way to greyI could hardly wait to see you againto feel your hands covering metil the storm is donewhat seemed to be the end was not the end at allwhen I hear the rain should I be afraid for my life?why do you look at me that way?I told you that I was too busy to see youI would never keep a secret from youis it over? I am finethank you dearly for your timeI'll be leavingdon't you cryI'll be back soonat least I'll trycan't you see there is no time to think selfishlyyesterday's gone, tomorrow's herecan't turn back nowI won't quitI still love youI swear I always will


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