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David Lee Roth - Goin
Song:Goin' Crazy
Album:Eat 'Em & SmileGenres:Rock_Pop
Year: Length:190 sec

Lyricist: David Lee Roth


Well, here I'm rollin'
Down another sunny highway
Been in the sun too long
I'm coconuts
But at least I'm goin' my way
I thought we'd be here
When the sun goes down

I wanna live it up
I'm gonna quit my job
I'll tell the boss to go to hell
I ain't complainin'
You do the best with what you got
I know you're laughin'
'Cause it's easy to tell

I'm goin' crazy
Goin' crazy from the heat

Remember dancing on the pier last nite
Got drunk and fell into the water
That big policeman wasn't laughin'
Didn't blink an eye, he said
'You're messin' with the mayor's daughter'
Oh no!

Don't tell me give it up
Too busy getting down
I learned my lessons well
You get me goin'
Boy, you don't never stop
I see you smilin'
'Cause it's easy to tell





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