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Song:Nick Of Time [H2O Mix]
Year:2001 Length:188 sec

Lyricist: ZOEgirl


I led a lonesome journey
Full of disdain and furry
I kept my angered yearning
Close to me like fire burning
I watched a million chances
Slip through my weathered hands
I almost lost myself when I looked around
There was no one else

In the nick of time
He over took my mine
And suddenly I saw the world much clearer
In the nick of time
He turned water into wine
And suddenly I didn?'t feel the fear
Right before my eyes
You showed me there was life to be found
You?'re the miracle I prayed about you
You were the one who saved my life
In the nick of time

I followed habits around
Been swept up above the clouds
But fallen down left shaken
Abandoned by the pills I?'d taken
I could have kept on going
With no one ever knowing
Who really wants to see a tired nobody like me

Chorus (2x)

I could not, could not believe
That you were right there waiting
I never, no, I never dreamed
That you?'d be right there waiting
Oh you were there for me
And when I couldn?'t see,
I couldn?'t, no, I couldn?'t see
You showed me life (2x)
LIFE (3x)

Chorus (2x


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