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Song:Living For You [The Ghost Mix featuring Grits]
Year:2000 Length:244 sec

Lyricist: ZOEgirl


There was a time when I believed in anything but you. I closed my eyes and let you in, ready to let my life begin. It just hit me, couldn?'t have known it. Your voice calling out I know it.

I want to see your face. I want to speak your name. I want to tell the whole world how my life has changed. I want to lift my voice ever to sing your praise. As long as I?'m alive, I know that I?'m living for you.

You?'re here I stand before but now I want to give you everything. No matter what may come my way. You give me a smile they can?'t take away. Holding on to all you put me through, through the strength that I?'ll always cling to.


Some one question what is right, in my heart I can?'t deny. Once I was blind but now I see, you have a soul and I am yours for eternity .

O Lord I want to see your face, I always want to sing your praise. I want to be the first to say I?'m living, I?'m living for only you.

Chorus (4x)


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