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Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Keeper of the Seven Keys
Album:Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt.Genres: 
Year:1990 Length:811 sec

Lyricist: Helloween


M. Weikath)

Make the people hold each others hands
And fill their hearts with truth
You made up your mind
So do as devined
Put on your armour
Ragged after fights
Hold up your sword
You're leaving the light
Make yourself ready for the lords of the dark
They'll watch your way
So, be cautions, quite and hark
You hear them whispering
In the crowns of the trees
You're whirring 'round
But your eyes don't agree
Will 'o' the wisps
Misguiding your path
You can't throw a curse
Without taking their wrath.
Bridge: Watch out for the seas
Of hartred and sin
All of us people forget what we've been
Our only hope's your victory
Kill that Satan who won't let us be kill!
RF: You're the keeper of the seven keys
That lock up the seven seas
And the seer of visions said before he went blind.
Hide them from demons and rescue mankind
Or the world we're all in will soon be sold
To the throne of evil paid with Lucifer's gold.
You can fell cold sweat
Running down your neck
And the dwarfs of falseness
Throw mud at your back
Guided by spelts of the old seer's hand
You're suffering pain
Only steel can stand.
Bridge: Stay well on your way
And follow the sign
Fulfill your own promise to do what's devined
The seven seas are far away
Placed in the valley of dust heat and sway.
Throw the first key into the sea of hate
Throw the second key into the sea of fear
Throw the third key into the sea of sendessness
And make the people hold each others' hands.
The forth key belongs into the sea of greed
And the fifth into the sea of ignorance.
Decease, decease, decease my friend
For this whole world in devil's hands
Decease, decease, decease my friend
Throw the key or you may die.
On a mound at the shore at the last sea
He's sitting facing your sight
With his high iron voice causing sickness
He's playing you out with delight
Man, who do you think just you are?
A silly bum with seven stars?
Don't throw the key or you will see
Dimensions crud as they can be
Don't let him .... your power
Throw the key!
An Earth quache, squirting fire, bursting ground
Satan's screaming and the Earth - swallowing him away!
You're the keeper of the seven keys
That lock up the seven seas
And the seer of visions can now rest in peace
There ain't no more demons and no more decease
And manking, live up, you're free again.
Yes! The tyrant is dead!
He's gone - overthrown
You have given our souls back to light


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