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AC/DC - Gimme a Bullet (Remaster) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Gimme a Bullet (Remaster)
Album:Powerage (Remastered)Genres:Hard Rock
Year:1978 Length:202 sec


She had the word
Had the way
The way of letting me know [the way of letting you know]
She knew the game
Called the play
Oh she hit me low
She said, 'Now you go your way
I'll go mine
And that's a start'
Doctor, doctor
Ain't no cure
For the pain in my heart

Gimme a bullet to bite on
Something to chew
Gimme a bullet to bite on
And I'll make believe
I'll make believe it's you

Don't need no drink
Don't need no drug
Don't need no sympathy
Sooner or later
Send me a bill
For what she's doing to me
Long distance lips
On the telephone
Come tomorrow
Come to grips
With me all alone [with being all alone]


Bullet to bite on


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