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Song:03 - Disciples of the Lie
Album:Something Wicked This Way ComesGenres:Thrash/Power Metal
Year:1998 Length:244 sec



You abuse and you victimize
But you're dignified, so you justify
It's in your eyes where deception lies
So you criticize with cruel eyes
Father in black, black as sin
Pure hypocrisy to no end
Condemnning me and my fellow man
I live my life among the damned

I've gotta do as you say, not as you do
You're a man of the cloth and I'm comin' for you
You say you can save me, cleanse me of my sin
A holy predator, the wolf in sheepskin
Disciples of the lie

Breeding fear in your twisted smile
Pedophile, in denial
I taste revenge when I think of you
A life of hell you put me through
When I find you I'll take you out
No remorse, you're going down
You see satisfaction in my eyes
I vindicate, now you die


The blackness inside overwhelms me
The pain engulfs and turns to rage in me
Trapped so deep in my mental hell
Release the demons, set me free



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