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Deep Purple - Above And Beyond Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Above And Beyond
Album:Now What!Genres: 
Year:2013 Length:331 sec


Light up a candle
Start one for me
Let it float on the water right down to the sea
Draw back your curtain
Wave me goodbye
Lift up your arms and look up to the sky

Start me a candle
Keep it alight
Put it there in the window and I'll come back tonight
Touch me in the darkness
I'll send you a sign
Give me your loving and I'll give you mine

I may be leaving
But I won't be gone
I'll be there when you want me
Above and beyond

Nothing I can tell you
It's all up to you
I'll be here if you need me
Am I getting through
Rest on your sadness
And tomorrow we'll find
That souls, having touched, are forever entwined

I may be leaving
But not for too long
I'll be there when you want me
Above and Beyond


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