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Our Lady Peace - Naveed Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:A DecadeGenres:Alternative
Year:2006 Length:459 sec

Lyricist: Our Lady Peace


Come come naveed......
Are you there, and it is comfortable? Did you wanna escape,
try to escape the popuation?
the pressure is deceiving, and for you particularly.
should we let a young man die? Let him die if he wants to,
let him die if he wants to.

I can't live here anymore, but it's hard when you reach for that floor
and there's something that tears me inside, so i can't go.

Brother, are you there? Now tell me,
is it wonderful or were you hoping to find,
hoping to find something a little more. climbing down the hours,
i need to know now, do the hands of time only rule this chapter.

I'll have to try once again, i'll have to try when i want to.


there he's on his knees again,
trying hard to understand why Naveed would let a young man die.
Convinced that he might break, he reaches for that phone
and another day has gone.



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