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Song:I BELIEVE (2003)
Album: Genres:Filmmusik
Year:2003 Length:322 sec


They said you wouldn't make it so far a aAnd ever since they've said it its been hardBut never mind that night'cha ha
d to cryCause you had never let it go insideYou worked real hard and you know exactly what you want and need so believeAnd y
ou can never give upYou can reach your goalsJust talk to your soul and say[Chorus:]I believe i canI believe i willI beli
eve i know my dreams are realI believe i canI believe i willI believe i hold it soon manThat is what i do believeYour foo
ls are justes singing, your soul ahaAnd you know that your moves will let them showYou keep creating pictures in your moindS
o just believe they will come true in timeIt will be fine leave all of your kiss and stress behind andJust let it goLet the
music go inside again the painIt just start to believe[Chorus][Rap passage]At third my yet what people sayHold your hea
d high and turn awayWith all my hopes and dreams I will believeEven though it seems it's not for meI won't give up, i'll kee
p it upLooking to the skyI will achieve on my kneesI will always believe[2x chorus]


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