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Song:He'll Arrive (Coming Back)
Album:Mountains HighGenres:misc
Year: Length:257 sec


Wherever you are, I wanna beIt's never to far, it don't matterJust take me there[Music]There's never a place to f
arToo far for me to goCause I always feel at home with youI'll cover the universe and land on every starIf I can find out
where you are - it's true[Chorus:]Mountain high - Valley low, Desert heat,Arctic cold - Wherever you are, that's where I wa
nt to beMountain high - Valley low, Desert heat, Arctic cold.Wherever you are, that's where I want to beTake me on a vision
quest - And focus in on meSo you can tell me what you see in mePlease don't let me live a lieLet me live in honestyCause y
ou're the only truth that can set me freeThat's why I want to go[Chorus]Without you I feel like I could lose my mindThat'
s why I can't let goI'll just keep on tryingSeeking you to the end of all timefollowing you any place, anywhereCause wherev
er you are, I want to be there[Chorus]


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