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Song:Come Back (Before You Leave) (Studio Stockholm)
Year:1992 Length:370 sec


Can't we leave the world outside just for a while? Just for a while? Andspend some time, you andI, under this bright
glorious sky It's been so long since I fist sawyou but I still love the smile inyour eyes. Yes it's true, right from the sta
rt, I believed in the churchof your heart Step inside, layyourself down just for a while, rest for a while. I can hear athu
ndering sound beating inside whenyou're around It's been so long since I first met you, since we madelove, you know how time
flies. Yes it's true, right from the start, I believed in the church ofyour heart. Yes it's you that mademe be part of and b
elieve in the church of your heart. In the church ofyour heart.


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