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Lady Gaga - Retro Dance Freak Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Retro Dance Freak
Album:The Fame Monster (2009)Genres:Pop
Year:2009 Length:203 sec


Hello everybody!
Get a ride to the west side
Kiss the girl with her tongue tied

Hello everybody!
We'll get out 'cause you don't care
Shut down like software

Hello everybody!
Take a sip for the hip-hop
Fuel up at the rest stop

We're just physical creatures of the underworld
She is the queen of the fra-disco scene

Retro, dance, freak! (Retro, retro, dance...)
Singing retro dance beat
Retro, dance, freak!
Undercover the girl needs her lover

What's up everybody?
Take a ride on an airplane
Take a bath in champagne

What's up everybody?
Watch all the girls curtsy for the paparazzi

Let's go everybody!
It's time that we rotate, 'cause it's getting real late


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