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U.D.O. - Rev-Raptor Lyrics - Zortam Music
Year:2011 Length:222 sec


Semi-Solid Servo Mechanism
[Repeating chainsaw’s exothermal rhythm]
High Tech Memory And Sleek Machining
Bio-Homing Rocketry Repeating

Ho Ho Ho – Rev-Raptor
Ho Ho Ho – Rev-Raptor

Metal Flesh And Cyber Active Fraction
Input Guidance Nano-Bots In Action
Deselect The Over-Reconstruction
Xeno-Morphs Inhibit Self-Destruction

Ho Ho Ho – Rev-Raptor
Ho Ho Ho – Rev-Raptor

Sanctioned By The Power Law
Eliminating Sin
Policing By The Circuit Boards
With A Metal Grin

Rev-Raptor - Rev-Raptor - Rev-Raptor - Rev-Raptor

Multiply The Steel Extravaganza
Hordes Of Living Cryogenic Panzers
Programmed For The New Cryptification
Exorcise The Mass Repopulation


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