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U.D.O. - Rock
Song:Rock'N'Roll Soldiers
Year:2011 Length:256 sec


I’m No Mr. Minute
I’m No Mr. Clean
I’m No Mr. Nice Guy
Still Dirty And Mean

So Don’t Try To Cross Me
Don’t Put Me Down
Alive And Still Kickin’
I’ll Be Around

There Is No Reason To Stop
And I Will Never Give Up
I Am A Master Of My Destiny
I Am A Diamond In Rough
Some Times Had It Tough
Never Surrender Or Die

‘Cause We Are Rock’n’roll Soldiers – We’ll Bring It On
Rock’n’roll Soldiers – Fighting It On
‘Cause We Are Rock’n’roll Soldiers – Giving It All
Rock’n’roll Soldiers – The Fire’s Still On

I’ve Never Been Beaten
Don’t Know How To Lose
I’ve Never Been Eaten
It’s My Time To Chose

I’ve Never Known Worry
I’d Spit In Its Face
I’ve Never Said Sorry
Respect And Disgrace


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