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Song:Texas Is Bigger Than It Used To Be
Album:Almost GoodbyeGenres:Country
Year: Length:249 sec


Lucky me I grew up beneath that ole lone star
I was raised on fiddle and the steel guitar
Well it used to be if you wanted to swing to a good ole country song
You had to sing your way to Ft. Worth, Houston, Dallas, San Antone
But oh how it’s grown

Texas is bigger than it used to be
Coast to coast it’s alive in most
Every town and city
I should know I’m on the road
And lovin’ what I see
Texas is bigger than it used to be

It’s one, two, three step dancin’ in the line
Stretchin’ that denim having a good time
My daddy told me years ago - he said son there’ll come a day
When it’ll spread to Minnesota, New York City to LA
It’s happening just that way


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