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Song:Infected (Demo)
Album:Cause of DeathGenres:Death Metal
Year:1990 Length:256 sec


Rot beneath below killing the chance denied
| The rotting of the soul
The pain denies the soul even after falling
The killing gently: dissection of the light
| The rotting of the soul
The pain realize the wounds, leaving of your soul
-- It lives!

You light the soul killing the ones they save
| The rotting of the soul
Dying of the pain, the killing of the soul
-- It rots!

Killing! Send you to your grave
Dying! Soon the one they save
Tearing! Rid you of your limbs
Infection soon... infection soon sets in...

Peeling! Rid you of your skin
Infected! Infected!
Comin! Soon the end of life
Dying! Cure you of infliction


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