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Jimmy Nail - Just Can
Song:Just Can't Win
Album:Crocodile Shoes IIGenres:Other
Year: Length:261 sec


Words and music by Jimmy Nail you wake up in a dlfferent bed forgotten every word you said do you recognise the person next to you ? you're sneeking down the backroom stairs braving all Ihe public stares what's a living legend supposed to do ? I've been told that you're looking old but you're still appearing well preserved to me let them stare, let them lose their hair 'cos you've seen the movie, read the book you've been there, done that, set that look for free you keep trying but you just can't win you keep breathlng but the air's too thin keep knocking but you can't come in keep trying but you just can't win looking at your works of art banging your peroxide heart you get them in a lucky bag for free you said you couldn't live without it so what you gonna do about it ? nostalgia's not the game it used to be and I've been told about your bands of gold but I have to say they cut no ice with me silver chains that dangle down and you're tryin' hard to beat the clock dressed up shouting long live rock


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