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Insane Clown Posse - Hey Vato Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Hey Vato
Album:Forgotten FreshnessGenres:Rap / Hip-Hop
Year:1998 Length:305 sec

Lyricist: Insane Clown Posse


If ya nuts hang and you bang with a gang
Then tell me are you down with the clown?

Hey bitch boy! [huh?]
What you doing around here you little bitch? [um...]
Don't you know you're on clown ground bitch boy? [uh...]
Forks up forks down we ALL got clown luv bitch face [um...]
Hey what's your name? [Richie]
Bitchie? You donw with the clown Bitchie?
You better run you bitch ass home you little punk-ass bitch

(1st Verse- Violent J)
Smell the air that makes you sick
Psycho sick, psycho sick
Pin you down and gets inside your brain
Psycho sick insane
Who's to blame for what they've done?
Ain't the one, paint the gun
I'm the jugga-lugga-lugga-roni
Best you leave me alon-ie
Some will say I'm in a gang
Guns do bang, nuts do hang
Like the wicked jokers down river
Quick to cut your liver
Sometimes bangers end their doom
Boom boom boom, shlock lock boom
I'm the other gang that's the offender
But you best remember
It don't matter which you pick
'Cuz they sick, psycho sick
They'll all cut your richie-ass up, bitch
'Cuz they got

Much clown luv [hey vato]
you old fuck, I guess you don't know
Never kill around here [het vato]
Yeah, bitch, it's all about clown luv (x2)
If ya nuts hang and you bang with a gang
Then tell me are you down with the clown?

(2nd Verse Violent J)
I like riding on your daughties
Drinking 40's at clown parties
Then I go back home, the sewer drain
Call me shit for brains
I'm the joker junkie hobo
Fuck a bozo, pack a bowl-bowl
Watch me balance on telephone wires
Psycho setting fires
Caught me naked in a tree
Was it me, ICP
Yes I sing in a rock and roll band
'Yeah dude, what's up man!'
B-b-b-boo! Had to scare ya
Rip and tear ya, cuz how dare ya
Come to bario like yous the fuck
Now you gets the buck
Buck-buck-buck, bang-bang-bang
Gang-gang bang, ghetto slang
Better ask someone about
Violent J, hey, I got


(3rd Verse- Violent J & Shaggy2Dope)
Wicked town, wicked clown
Let's go ride the Murder-Go-Round
Lunatic, Luna-tock
Beat you with a cinder block
Bitchy hoe, bitchy bitch
Smack you 'cross your fucking lips
Juggla say 'talk to much'
I'ma nail your mouth...shut
I am sick, what you said
Swing my axe upside your head
Place the barrel in your mouth
blow your fucking tonsils out
I'm a mime, watch me go
Stuart Frankie bitch-ass hoe
I drop rhymes, make quick bucks
And your daughter sucks my nuts
Better know joker's wild
Yeah I said it, wicked WILD!
And I'll cut your bitchie-ass up, BITCH!
A lot of

(Chorus till end


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