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Song:Blues For My Baby And Me
Album:Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The PiGenres:Britpop
Year:1973 Length:343 sec


Your old man got mad when I told him we were leavingHe cursed and he raged and he swore at the ceilingHe called you h
is child, said honey get wise to his gameHe'll get you in trouble, I know it, those bums are all the sameThere's a Greyhound
outside in the lane, it's waiting for usSo tell him goodbye, we gotta go west on that busAnd it's all over nowDon't you wor
ry no moreGonna go west to the seaThe Greyhound is swayingAnd the radio's playingSome blues for baby and meAnd the highway
looks like it never didLord, it looks so sweet and so freeAnd I can't forget that trip to the westSinging blues for baby an
d meSaw your hands trembling, your eyes opened in surpriseIt's ninety in the shade, babe, and there ain't a cloud in the sky
I called you my child, said honey, now this is our gameThere's two of us to play it and I'm happy to be home againThere's a
Greyhound outside in the lane, it's waiting for usSo tell him Goodbye, we gotta go west on that busRepeat Chorus


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