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Album:The Complete Collection (Cd2)Genres:Country-Rock
Year:2000 Length:185 sec


(R. Haffkine/D. Locorriere/R. Sawyer/R. Elswitt/J. Garfat/B. Francis)

Alright, now everybody say hello to the bass
(What are you yellin' about?)
Now we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our bass player to his fans
(He he he he)
And then here's John the drummer on the drums
(Where the hell is John?)
OK Yeah
(OK that's more like it I can boogie around a little bit)
I guess you all know the rest of the fellas
(I've seen 'em around...Hey squash... he he he he)


We know you've been waiting for a brand new dance (Aw some of us)
So pull up your pants 'cause here's your chance
Now it aint gonna be easy but we want you to try (Aw gonna try)
And if you can do it then maybe so can I (I certainly hope so)
Everybody get your date
And Levitate

(Stop screaming your messing with my rhythm hehehehe)

OK now, this is the way you do it, first you take your hand put it on your elbow
(I got it)
Then you take your knee and you put it up there too
(Oh wait a minute)
Then you take your head and put it down between your knee
(I can't do that)
And when you feel it, then you flap your ears and float on up here with me
(Oh wow)
And Levitate
(Where are you going?)

I bet you can't do it (Yes I can)
You know you can't do it (I think I can do it)
I bet you can't do it (Maybe you're right)
You know you can't do it (I'm gonna try though babe)
I bet you can't do it (aaww)

That's it, you all got it now
Get on up off the floor (I can't that's my problem I can't get up)
That's alright, alright now I want you to do something (I'll do anything)
I want you to raise your right foot (OK)
Everybody get up on your right foot (c'mon everybody let's do it)
Alright, now raise your left foot (OK)
No no no no don't put your right foot back down
Keep 'em both up (I can't)
That's it (he he he)
Now you've got it, now get up, I mean get down
(He he he he he I ain't got it)
I'm gonna get on up here myself, look at me taking off
(You're the only one that can do it)
But before I leave I'd like to say that there is an easier way to do this
(That's a relief)
Now if you can possibly manage, get one of your ankles on the floor
(Wait a minute)
Just one of them
(Wait a minute)
Get down on the floor....
(Would you wait a minute)
Until you can reach over with your elbow....
(He he he he... That cat's ridiculous.... OK)

(c) 1975 Horse Hairs Music


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