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Album:Double Live Assassins (Disc 1)Genres: 
Year:1998 Length:334 sec


Listen to me nowNo words, I can say, can describeHow I hate your Fucking faceAnd do you hear me nowYou stole my soul with your liesYour killing zone's where I lieThere you watched me die
You Fucken suckYou Fucken suckYou Fucken suck
Can you see yourself I lie in my bedFantasizing your deathHere I lieCan you see yourselfAnd how do you sleep with what you are?What you turned out to beFuck you, kill yourself
You Fucken suckYou Fucken suckYou Fucken suck
Liar you know I do I wish you wellLiar I died for you I wish you well in hell hell


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