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Song:Suffer In Silence
Album:Vintage EightiesGenres: 
Year: Length:215 sec


I've never seen a time
When I could let the world roll by
I had to jump aboard
Just for the ride
I see things in my mind I
Thought were dreams
But now reality
Takes me to a place where I can hide
Some people tell me talk is cheap
It's actions that can only speak
Keep moving can't slow down
Don't fall behind
Why must I always
Suffer om so;emce
This is something you've never known
Must I always
Suffer in silence
I want to scream out to the world
These years of being all alone
The disconnected telephones
The pictures of the friends
I never see
The violence in their written words
But silent tears are never heard
The needle made me dream
Of you and me
It's how I feel
Oh! It's so unreal
This is one time ... such a sad time ...
Scream out to the world


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