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Album:40 Oz. to FreedomGenres:Pop/Rock: Alternative Pop/Rock,Punk Revival,Third Wave Ska Revival,Ska-Punk
Year:1992 Length:261 sec

Lyricist: Sublime


Alright, before we get it started when we did 'smoke two joints'
that was jack from the toys and that song 'rivers of Babylon'
was written by Brent dowe and Trevor McNaughton. alright now,
crucial thanks out to the happolt, nowell, and wilson families for
their patience and support, we love ya'll.
to all the players who made this possible thank you very much!
yeah and the check's in the mail. to kelly vargas for steppin' in
there and makin' it happen. the lbp! the world famous juice bros.

the field marshall goodman and the man called floyd 'i'
thanks out to bad religion,and the decsendants. george hurrly,
and mike watt to all those flops but only when they ain't hangin' out.
to toby dog-whe~whew-to louie dog, to matt dog.

james brown, the bsm, to miles davis. the canda all night rocker.
to south side part and cathrene was up dude? and, alright, now
best wishes out to eno, and shelly, and their baby on the way

hey up to jimi hendrix, to beer, the sonic lizard, the rape man.
how about bob marley, bob dobbs, and bob forrest. to all those
punker sluts. to eek-a-mouse. tom for lettin' us practice and
crashin'. chilli part all night.

pen1, fugazi, rhino '59, greek1, the last puriah's, and naomis' hair.
how about the butthole surfers, and frank zappa. aunt bea, big
drill car, bert suzanka, and all the ziggens' around the world.

to jack the third. to julia parker. hey jeff the king where's my mic
stands? martini with his forty ounce in hand. to jai dods, and his son
christian. i gotta say thank you to scum hard as smoke and cheap as
wood. to scumette, and the vandals.

how about h.r.? for 'nuff inspiration, 'nuff respect. hey nick tweek,
joanne, and caroline. hey ah, i gotta say w'sup ta fuckin' snow, and
bam-bam and all the east side stoners. st. tucko, sean stern, the
ken g.easly project, steve sepada, and ah, richard gecco, and everyone
down at bogarts. thanks a million. i gotta say w'sup and thank you to,
dave shae, and greg a. with out them this wouldn't be possible. oh yeah,
your mom called and said you guys should take a nap! to sacramento,
bmd, and danny lovitz out in arcada. i gotta say thank you to diet fade,
imagine yellow suns. every one out at band is dead.

kevin swinson, freesia,cold duke train, and wister, and ah, how could i
not thank mark mandoo, and the one live crew, and all the lakewood posse.

mr.capoo, and the antioch posse. especally the johnson family, w'sup miss j?
i gotta say w'sup to dirty al, jennifer henry, and kelly too. out in san fransico,
lisa johnson in austin. tonto, jimmy carl black, m,ah, marcado carebea in austin.
thanks alot lee for gettin' us in out of the heat jimmy's in new orleans, the hard
backin gainsville florida. mark goodnight for his psycopath.

alright,we stayed at this guy's house, and,ah, when they had that murders back
in like, eighty-nine. a guy and a girl got hacked up in his pad and we stayed
there but ah, ya know it was great. to jack tripper even though he don't know
a goddamn thing about orlando. to ingred in arcada, rusty, bermuda pete, and sara,

shannon boil. to the space fish, sorry guys maybe next time. nkotb in costa
mesa. the o.k. hotel in seattle. to joel for gettin' us that shit at waves we
needed that man, thanks bro.

to nija man, tam, d'arby crash, dee boone, alex neeka come visit
goddamn it! grin, craig caski, dave cornbloom of beth larson,
to everyone at the church of rock and roll.

we gotta say w'sup to cory, and her best friend jorji,
the meat puppets, tar babies, kate 'n frank out at zed's,

scott down at ten ton, every one down there at deja, thanks.

cmj enterprises, molly cantell, courtney beatmon, the mecca park
and recreations department, fuck twenty nine palms! hey lisa g.
what up punk? To Kenny for scarlet inspirations, to bus face, the soup like and the manage......


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