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W.A.S.P. - The Rise Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The Rise
Album:The Neon God, Part 1 - The RiseGenres:Metal
Year:2004 Length:170 sec


(Jesse to the Invisible Circus)

Welcome to my world
To my kingdom of make believe
I'm your new Messiah
You'll worship at my feet

Welcome Kingdom Come
To disciples that I preach
Will ya, bow down before me and
Will you remember me?

(Invisible Circus) Dying for you
(Jesse) Will I lie to thousands
(Invisible Circus) Our God is you
(Jesse) Am I deceit?
(Invisible Circus) Falling for you
(Jesse) I am the God man
(Invisible Circus) Our God is you
(Jesse) You're all at my feet

(Jesse to the Invisible Circus)

Take me
Change me
Love me
A crown of thorns on my heart

Change me
Save me
Will you love me?
Forever nailed to your cross


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