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Hank Williams - A Teardrop on a Rose Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:A Teardrop on a Rose
Album:The Complete Hank Williams Jr.Genres:Country
Year: Length:150 sec


While strolling thru a lovely garden
As day was drawing to a close...
My eyes beheld a tragic story
I saw a teardrop on a rose.
It should have been a tear of gladness
But deep inside the sorrow shows
A trusting heart had just been broken
I saw a teardrop on a rose.
A sobbing tear that follows parting
Holds all the pain that sorrow knows
A false goodbye a life is shattered
There lies a story on a rose.
The tear will dry the rose will wither

I loved, I lost, my story ended
With just a teardrop on a rose.


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