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JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY - High School Heart Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:High School Heart
Album:The Very Best of John Michael MontgomeryGenres:Country
Year:1995 Length:194 sec


That ol' drive-in is a parking lot
They made a shopping mall out of our make-out spot
The oldies station plays all those songs
We used to sing
And even though that ol' high school's gone
It started somethin' that's still goin' strong
I swear sometimes I can hear that ol' bell ring
Cause you still slide in close to me
Just like you did in my ol' Grand Prix
You still get a little jealous
If I speak to Jenny Barnes
That yearbook smile still drives me mad
With all that's changed, I'm so glad
You're still lovin' me
With that same ol' high school heart
I'd take off runnin' to Mrs. Walker's class
Lipstick on my cheek and a note in my hand
I'm still runnin' late 'cause I still can't pull away
>From your lovin' arms
Every time we touch, you make it feel brand new
I guess that's why I'm still fallin' for you
You're still lovin' me
With that same ol' high school heart
Repeat Chorus
John Michael Montgomery High School Heart


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