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Song:Holdin' On To Something
Album:The Very Best of John Michael MontgomeryGenres:Country
Year:1995 Length:178 sec


There's a little girl
Wanna make her mine
What she wants I don't know
If red means stop
'N green means go
Her light is always yellow
I'm wrapped around her finger
She's slipping through my hands
Every time I think I got her
I gotta think again...I'm
Holdin' on to sonething
That keeps letting me go
Just a whole lotta heartache
At the end of my rope
I fall a little harder every time I drop
But I keep reaching 'cause I can't stop
Holdin' on to something that keeps letting me go
She calls me on the phone
Says she's all alone
Feeling kinda lonely
Say's she can't wait
So don't be late
I promise her I won't be
Ten minutes later I'm standing at her door
She's saying, 'Never mind, I ain't lonely anymore'....I'm
Repeat Chorus
John Michael Montgomery Holdin' On To Something


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