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Song:Like (Linus) /B
Album:(Like) LinusGenres:Alternative Metal
Year:1993 Length:187 sec


When I think back, it's so unreal
Well did I just get murdered (or did I just imagine)
What's that mean cause, I ask please god
Please tell me if it was a dream now

Do you know, that i....continue all this, one time before.

(verse 2)
I can't get this, I've been drinking, too much goddamn ale, I can't
Up, I keep falling, God I wish I could go back now.
(chorus 2) do you know, that i....continue all this, one time

Once again (what's the catch), are you ok? it's just a stupid game
Play, still don't matter anyway, because we all die, anywaaaay
Hey, oh,
We all go....yeah....well, that's what they, tell me, when they tell
Yes my ego bleeds, I don't care, cause we can't (can? ) be fair
(there? ),


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