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Tishamingo - Smoked Mullet Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Smoked Mullet
Album:Wear N' TearGenres: 
Year:2005 Length:364 sec


For rich or for poor
You said that you do
But that almighty dollar
Sure got the hook on you

If you'd only take the time
It's well worth the wait

You said you had another fish to fry
And it was time for you to go
But that's alright with me
Because I've got a mullet to smoke

St. Marks River
On a Sunday afternoon
Just me and my mullet
And we ain't got time for you

Ol' mullets ain't that pretty
And they take a while to smoke
For me it was well worth the wait
For you it was just too slow

You headed for shallow water
It matches your shallow mind

Some like it blackened, some like it fried
I like to smoke it and take my time


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