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George Jones - Once You
Song:Once You've Had the Best
Album:Anniversary: Ten Years of HitsGenres:Country
Year:2003 Length:163 sec

Lyricist: George Jones


I'm so glad to have you back within these arms of mine
I can finally close these eyes and get some rest
Never once did I think of finding someone new
'Cause there's nothing better, once you've had the best.

You're the very thing they sing about in love songs
And one mistake don't mean you've failed the test
And as you lay beside me softly sleeping this I know
There's nothing better, once you have the best.

Within your arms, I've had the best
And I think the world should know
I don't care what you've said or done
I'll always love you so.

You've got more love in your little finger than all the rest
And there's nothing better, once you've had the best

No, there's nothing better, once you've had the best...


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