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Song:Fight Song
Album:Greatest RemixesGenres:Punk Rock
Year:2008 Length:147 sec


You mother fuckers should of never turned my mic off
say whoaaa this is a fight
say here we are this is a fight
you motherfuckers should of never turned my mic off
out with the bulshit its time for the fight song
black hoodie black airforce one niger with a aditude got a airforce gun
ready to get blood on my white tee a million civilian fuckers think just like me
like me and i got shots to give ill never be a nother tupac and big
aint nothing you can do to stop this shit takes the rappers life
But rock is live
in the dark with no sunshine when its time for war we on the front line
Good charlotte take the base line
whoooaaa this is a fight
dear mr president
here we are this is a fight
a leter to the motherfucking government
Say no we dont want that shit say
No we cant take that shit
say whoa this is a fight this is a fight

Second verse will be up when i get home


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