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Yolanda Adams - This Joy Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:This Joy
Album:Yolanda Live In WashingtonGenres:Religious
Year:1996 Length:366 sec


Something deep inside makes me smile when otherwise
I would cry in hopeless wonder cause I have no peace inside
Joy picks me up and takes me through
It so real I m telling you
So many trails I ve endured
God has given me the cure
I have a joy, a joy that s unspeakable
It soothes my doubts
When the way gets hard
Although, I lived in sin
He cleansed my heart
Now lives within
Saved my soul from a burning hell
Christ lives in me now

No the world didn t give this joy to me
And this world can t take it away
This world didn t to me no no no

I found a friend who s all the world to me
His love is so ever true
I love to tell how He growed me out
And He changed my Life
With christ in my heart without a doubt
I am satisfied
Now I am save from sin
And hard leaning on His mighty arm
Secured my soul
Each day in every way
I know He ll guide me
The world didn t give this joy to me
And this world cannot take my joy away
The world didn t give it to me
no no no

Nothing in this world can take the place of this joy
and amazing grace
He loosed my shackles and He set me free
I didn t deserve all that He s done for me
He give me joy
Unspeakable joy
What a marvelous joy
He gives a joy that s unspeakable
I love him so
So what a friend I have in Jesus
All my sins and griefs He bears
This joy gives me everything I need
All I have to do is take it to Him in prayer
He give me joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy
When I m stuck, when I m lonely
I still have joy
Because I know He is my all
My all
My all in all
I don t have to worry because
He takes care of me
And I know, I know, I know
I know where my strength comes from
I know where my joy comes from
It s in Jesus
It s in Jesus
I can lean on Him
I can depend on Him
Wonderful, Counselor
What is His Name?
What is His Name?


Joy, my joy

Now we re not talking about somebody about 6 foot six

Oh Jesus
We re talking about Jesus
Joy, my joy
Jesus is the one Who gives us joy
He s the One who sets us free
He s the One whe sets us free
Because He is my joy I can dance
Come on, everybody in the building sing

Come on, come on
Talk about Jesus joy
He is my all in all (8 times)
Jesus is, Jesus is, Jesus is my all
Joy, my joy
One more time, one more time
Come on, ya ll help


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