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Song:O Night Divine
Album:A New Thought For ChristmasGenres:Rock
Year:2008 Length:516 sec


There is a time
In late December
The sun stands still in winter
For three days
And three long nights
Throughout time we've watched the sky
And waited for the sun
To come and save us
Save us from the longest night

For years I have been doing things
And singing songs
That don't make any sense
But if I scratch the surface
Just a little bit
This holiday paint is pretty thin

Look to the sky
With hope and wonder
There's a star in the east
To guide us home
Yeah, we are closer now
Than we've ever been
To peace on Earth
And goodwill to men
As we celebrate
The longest night

O night divine
O night, o night divine
Night divine
O night divine
Night divine


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