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C. C. Catch - One Night
Song:One Night's Not Enough
Album:Catch The CatchGenres: 
Year:1986 Length:202 sec


Every little thing's been said about it
Babe, you know you light up my day
Everybody hates to live without it
And I hope you don't go away
A bitter start with tears
I can't forget my fears
One night's not enough, can't you see
To set all my love away from me
One night's not enough, can't you see
Breaking up
Breaks my heart
One night's not enough, can't see you
Baby, if you will ever set me free
Then our love will break my heart forever and ever

The way you laugh is very special to me
Maybe my dreams will come true
And I know, if you should ever leave me
I would never feel so brand new
Maybe behind your eyes
There will be back surprise

Love lost it's meaning
It will never stop bleeding

And my heart is breaking
You find my tears awaking
'Cause I feel so lonely, you are my only


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