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Album:Mountains HighGenres:misc
Year: Length:396 sec


mmmmm oooooh oooh oooh yeah
oooh ooh yeah ooooh
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
oooo ooooh
oooh ooooh yea yeah

Can I be committed is the question in my head
All the issues in my life keep holding me back
Can I live up to the standard
Seems so hard to do
Then you tell me take your hand
You'll help me make it through oooh

You ask me child do you love me
And Ii say yeah (yeah) yeah yeah (yeah yeah yeah)
But will you just give up everything
And follow me yeah (yeah) yeah yeah

We talk periodically which should be everyday
Can imagine how it could be if I let you lead the way
No broken hearts less scars less road
That never have an end
So I throw away my pride let down my guard lord here I am yeah


Will I just stop and think of all that you've done
How can I say anything but
yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah yeah

(chorus x3)


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