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Song:Summer Too Hot
Album:11:11Genres:Pop general
Year:2023 Length:188 sec

Lyricist: Chris Brown


Summer too hot

[Verse 1]
I blew it all on her, I get it right back
She put it all on me, I couldn't fight that
She love when I pull on it when it's tied back
You know it's hard to get up out it, I get sidetracked
Shake somethin', left, right, control it
You know who to call if you're horny (Yeah)
Ride on it, greenlight me (Greenlight, greenlight)

Why'd you tell your friends that you really don't dance? (Don't dance)
But I know that you can
Fuckin' up your plans, we about to get nasty
Better hold up them glasses

Summer too hot not to fuck it up
Is the mood right? Is it wet enough?
I gotta new ride, guess I level5d up
Let me wet it up just a f5w times
Summer too hot, had to double up
Shawty too fire with the bubble butt
We should move, slide on the regular
Summer too hot, it's irregular


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