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Dr. John - junko partner Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:junko partner
Album:the very best of dr. johnGenres:Blues
Year:2003 Length:272 sec


Down the road come-a Junko Partner
Boy, he was loaded as can be
Boy, he was knocked down, knocked down loaded
You know he wobbled all over the street.

Singing six months ain't no sentence
Thought that one year ain't no time
They got boys up on Ponderosa
Servin' nine to ninety nine

If I had, if I had, if I had, a million dollars
Just-a one million to call my own
I would buy me the land around Parish Prison
And I would throw me a (big movie phone)?

Down the road, down the road, down the road
Here he comes, Mr. Jones
Whoo boy, you're on your back so hard
Got to say lordy-ho
If a penny make a nickel, a nickel make a dime
A dime will make you half, a half will make a dollar
Make you ha-a-a-ller

Give me whisky
When I get a little frisky
Cus it's-a mighty good drink
When you get a little dry

Give me tobacco-o-o
When I get a little sickly
But give me heroin
Before I die

Down the road, down the road, down the road
Come Junko Partner (Partner, Partner, Partner)
Boy he was loaded as can be
But he was knocked knocked knocked, he was knocked out loaded
Don't you know he wobbled, yes, all over the street


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