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Depeche Mode - Titel 05 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Titel 05
Year:2012 Length:327 sec


Do You Mean This Horny Creep
set Upon Weary Feet
who Looks In Need Of Sleep
that Doesn&ampapos;t Come
this Twisted, Tortured Mess
this Bed Of Sinfulness
who&ampapos;s Longing For Some Rest
and Feeling Numb

what Do You Expect To Be
what Is It You Want
whatever You&ampapos;ve Planned For Me
i&ampapos;m Not The One

a Vicious Appetite
it Visits Me Each Night
and Won&ampapos;t Be Satisfied
won&ampapos;t Be Denied
an Unbearable Pain
a Beating In My Brain
that Leaves The Mark Of Cain
right Here Inside

what Am I Supposed To Do
when Everything That I&ampapos;ve Done
is Leading Me To Conclude
i&ampapos;m Not The One

chorus Whatever I&ampapos;ve Done
i&ampapos;ve Been Staring Down The Barrel Of A Gun(Chorus Repeats Three Times)

is There Something You Need From Me
are You Having Your Fun
i Never Agreed To Be
your Holy One

chorus X 3


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