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Song:Sally's Song
Album:Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before ChristmasGenres:Christmas
Year: Length:107 sec


I Sense There&ampapos;s Something In The Wind
that Feels Like Tragedy&ampapos;s At Hand
and Though I&ampapos;d Like To Stand By Him
can&ampapos;t Shake This Feeling That I Have
the Worst Is Just Around The Bend
and Does He Notice
my Feelings For Him

and Will He See
how Much He Means To Me
i Think It&ampapos;s Not To Be

what Will Become Of My Dear Friend
where Will His Actions Lead Us Then
oh How I&ampapos;d Like To Join The Crowd
in Their Enthusiastic Cloud
try As I May
it Doesn&ampapos;t Last

and Will We Ever
end Up Together
no I Think Not
it&ampapos;s Never To Become
for I Am Not The One


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