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WANG CHUNG - Lullaby Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:To Live And Die In L.A.Genres:Soundtrack
Year:1985 Length:283 sec

Lyricist: Wang Chung


Let's go out tonight Put on your shoes Get away from here Far from the local blues Let's go out tonight Let's make our escape From the city lights And all the familiar shapes We can drive all night We can stop in a field Hear the starlight Traveling for millions of years Sing a lullaby to the night (repeat) We can rock and roll We can dance all night long To the stars above And we won't be strong We can walk away To the rising dawn As people go to work Wondering why our clothes are torn Sing a lullaby to the night (repeat) We'll be driving through the mountains In the cool and clearing air With the sunlight on the ocean And the diamonds in your hair And as you're falling asleep I will sing you a lullaby Sing your lullaby (repeat) We can find a place For the sun and the rain We can live a life Like a hurricane On a mountain top Or right by the sea As long as we're together It don't matter to me Let's go out tonight Let's escape Sing your lullaby (repeat) As the perfumes of the evening Mingle sweetly with the night We'll lay ourselves down In the light of the moon And we'll hold each other tight And as you're falling asleep I will sing you a lullaby


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