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Nik Kershaw - Life Goes On Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Life Goes On
Album:Best ofGenres:New Age
Year:1998 Length:297 sec


Two-thirty on a Monday morning, I go No particular worry or care Down Santa Monica Boulevard, real slow Just to see if that lady's still there I don't know if I should But maybe I could ask her something I wonder 'bout the place she calls her home You're not alone Lady on the phone Who are you calling Who are you talking to now Lady on the phone Who knows your number Who lives in your world and how So another day comes round, life goes On and lady's still making that call No need to tell her there's a world out there She knows She just doesn't seem worried at all I see someone in there Beauty with the reddest of hair And maybe not such a long, long time ago You're not alone (Chorus) When there are no more dimes to spend Do operators call you friend Does anybody know your name Call me I'll play your game I know You're not alone (Chorus)


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