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Depeche Mode - Exiter Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Let's Make This Precious The Best Of Dexys Midnight RunnersGenres:Synthpop
Year:2001 Length:255 sec


Poor Old Johnny Ray
sounded Sad Upon The Radio
he Moved A Million Hearts In Mono
our Mothers Cried And Sang Along And Who&ampapos;d Blame Them
now You&ampapos;re Grown, So Grown, Now I Must Say More Than Ever
go Toora Loora Toora Loo Rye Aye
and We Can Sing Jsut Like Our Fathers

come On Eileen, Well I Swear (What He Means)
at This Moment, You Mean Everything
with You In That Dress My Thoughts I Confess
verge On Dirty
ah Come On Eileen

these People Round Here Wear Beaten Down Eyes
sunk In Smoke Dried Faces
they&ampapos;re So Resigned To What Their Fate Is
but Not Us, No Not Us
we Are Far Too Young And Clever
eileen I&ampapos;ll Sing This Tune Forever

come On Eileen Well I Swear (What He Means)
ah Come On, Let&ampapos;s Take Off Everything
that Pretty Red Dress Eileen (Tell Him Yes)
ah Come On Eileen


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